When Cheap Phone Sex is the only job you can find

If anybody had told me I would become a phone sex operator working for woman4play.com I would have thought they would have to be crazy.  Not that there’s anything wrong in using your imagination and voice to please men over the phone, but you could say that I had loftier dreams back then. And these dreams certainly never involved being the provider of cheap phone sex thrills!

Call me on: 888-210-8439 and you can have all of me for 25ยข per minute! And if you’re a new customer, I’ll even throw a $5 discount!

You see, I am what you can call an ordinary girl.  I did everything by the book . Was an A student throughout my early life, went to university, got a degree by not partying as much as my fellow student did and came out of college in 2009 fresh with hope that I would be able to pay back my student’s loan and start a life I could enjoy by finding a job I had trained for.

I filled hundreds of job applications, was interviewed by phone a few dozen times, came close to find a jog I really wanted twice but each time, there was somebody else, older, less qualified (can you believe that?!) etc… and back to drawing board I was looking for a job.

There is something pernicious about job searching when thousands of applicants want the same job you do.  After each job application you loose a little of your luster, you’re told that perhaps you should be aiming so high, that better a paying job that no job at all and so over time, you begin to believe that perhaps you should accept less than you think you’re worth start implanting themselves on you, and you lower your “standards”.

I worked part time jobs cleaning table at the minimum wage thinking that tipping would bring my earning up, I temped hoping that a company owner would find the time to notice me, I worked as an unpaid apprentice, a new trend which should really be listed as slavery, I worked as a cashier in a super market, as a concierge for a fancy hotel, any still couldn’t make ends meet, let alone repaying my student loan.

Then one day, I saw it… The ad on my local newspaper whilst waiting to see my doctor for a routine yearly exam.

It was cryptic, but if you had a good voice, were open minded, were interested to work from home, make your own schedule you were encouraged to call them.

working-as-a-phone-sex-girlI did.  It was an ad for a phone sex position.  As soon as I heard the details of this “job” offer, my spirit deflated to the extent that the lady who was doing the interview felt sorry for me.

We started to chat and having poured myself to her, shared with a perfect stranger my inner most frustrations, I began to hear, for the first time, what this woman had to offer.

“It sounds like dirty work” she said, “but it can be a lot of fun, if you like to talk.  How dirty it gets is really up to you. We have a girl who earns a really good living just by smoking on the phone. That’s all she does!” she said. “When ever she wants to go on a cigarette break she logs in and people pay to hear her inhale and exhale” she laughed.

I am not a smoker but I had bills to pay, lots of bills, and I really needed a job.  So I signed up.

I thought I’d give it a week and if I didn’t like it, I would look for a real job.

To be honest with you, even though this was not the job I was looking for, I felt better that at least I had gotten one.

It’s been 8 months with this company. They specialize in cheap phone sex and it’s been a lot of fun. Some of my callers are sleaze bags and I have developed a technique to get them off my back in no time at all, but others are really nice guys.

I even have a lady who calls me.  Just the one.  In my wildest dreams I had never thought I’d been “tickled” by another woman, but on the phone, with this one, I am.

Nobody know who I am, what I look like so I can be anything and anyone.  Today I’ll be the ceo of a large company interviewing some young aspiring, fresh out of college” lawyer  looking for his or her first job.  That should be fun!